The single most critical factor in the success of a company is the quality of its key executives. Finding key executives to add to an organization is difficult. When it comes to identifying qualified candidates, encouraging them to listen to a better opportunity, and then committing them to a change, Brookstein Executive Recruiters has a successful track record.

Brookstein Executive Recruiters has found that in most cases, the best of the best are currently working for top companies and are not looking for new opportunities. It takes an experienced recruiting team to work full time on sourcing outstanding executives.

Brookstein Executive Recruiters personally contacts between 150 - 300 individuals for each search that we take on. We source Executives who are strategic thinkers and are profit oriented with an increasingly successful proven track record.

Brookstein Executive Recruiters also works with no more than 10 clients at any one time, this way we can recruit from many more clients since recruiting from client companies is very unethical and we do not source candidates from any company we have done business with within the last 24 months without permission from senior executives.

Brookstein Executive Recruiters has a unique approach to executive recruiting; we do this by making direct contact with hundreds of people per day. We do  not run ads, we do  not post on the Internet such as Career Builders or Monster, we make hundreds of calls per day, talking with candidates who are currently successful working for your competitors.

Brookstein Executive Recruiters  has found that companies that run ads in newspapers, trade journals or on the net usually get applicants that are miserable in their current job, unsuccessful or unemployed. Three qualities in a candidate that you would least like in a new executive.

Brookstein Executive Recruiters