Brookstein Executive Recruiters


     Brookstein Executive Recruiters' Process:

1.       Conduct a complete needs analysis that will provide us with all the pertinent information.
2.       Build a profile of the ideal candidate.
3.       Build a plan of where this candidate currently works.
4.       Take company information / profile of ideal candidate and targeted companies and build a search plan.
5.       Contact targeted companies searching for the ideal candidate through direct contacts.
6.       Compile a list of candidates.
7.       Initial interview of candidates sourced through direct contact.
8.       Review resume of candidates and conduct more in-depth interview with candidate.
9.       Submit successful candidates to client company for initial feedback.
10.     Arrange first phone interview with client company and candidates.
11.     Prep both client company and candidate for interview.
12.     De-brief both client company and candidate after first interview.
13.     Conduct detailed reference checks on the candidate.
14.     Arrange for any company testing.
15.     Set up face to face interview with both the company and the candidate.
16.     Advise the client company on what an offer should look like.
17.     Present verbal offer and pre-close for acceptance.
18.     Negotiate the offer, counter offer to close the placement.
19.     Work with the candidate on resignation from current employer.
20.     Stay in touch with both the client company and the candidate to make sure that all parties are happy with placement.